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Imagine what it would be like to have an explainer video that expertly explains what your business does in under a minute…

Rather than potential customers leaving you lost and confused, you’d quickly discover that your sales improve, your business grows and you would be well on your way to achieving your all important goals.

So ask yourself this… are you tired of losing out on customers who simply don’t “get” your business?

Instead, are you ready to move ahead with a powerful, battle-tested method that is proven to work?

Through our years of experience we’ve refined the perfect, proven approach to explainer videos that help capture your audience’s attention and inspire them to take action.

Our approach has worked with some of the world’s best brands, delivering millions of views and amazing returns.

But that’s not all. We know times are hard right now, and that’s why we offer our videos at affordable prices. Meaning that you can have the perfect explainer video without breaking the bank!

Based in London, we can meet with you to discuss your project and can deliver on fast turnarounds if required.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our explainer video company in London now for your no obligation quote.


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Work Examples

Elephant India Holidays
Natural History Museum
Cass Business School

Some of Our Clients

  • Marks & Spencer
  • London Underground
  • Specsavers
  • Ebay
  • HSBC
  • EY
  • The Guardian
  • Tesco
  • Natural History Musem
  • boiler-room
  • pfizer
  • aa
  • nhs
  • cemex
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • kent-county-council
  • Berkeley Group
  • Havas
  • Cass Business School
  • deloitte
“Working with Spiel was fun, we particularly loved their big, bold ideas – crafting characters with personality and stories with humour and emotion” Ian Mottashed, VP Marketing - Imagen
“Working with Spiel was excellent - we couldn't have asked for a better partner!” Melinda Spence, e-commerce - Pepsico
“Working with Spiel was a pleasure from the start. What they produced was high quality at a fantastic price!” Simon McQueen, Director - Bright Heart


Here's how it will work. First we'll learn what you're looking to achieve from your explainer video. Then we'll study your business in-depth, which will include developing a deep understanding of what motivates your target audience and what will compel them to take action. Whether that action is generating more traffic to your website, boosting your website conversions or supporting your sales team by clearly explaining the value of your product.

Based on everything we've learnt; we'll provide you with a comprehensive creative treatment for your explainer video that we're confident will help you achieve your goals. Your creative treatment will include a detailed description of our recommended creative approach, our suggested narrative and bespoke artwork that we create just for your explainer video. And the best part...we'll give all this to you for FREE with no obligation to go ahead with any of our services!

So you're probably now thinking why would we give all this away for free? After the saying goes...there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Well, we believe that the best way to gain your trust is by proving our capabilities to you rather than making empty claims about our greatness. Not only that, we believe that the best way to build a solid relationship with you is by offering you far more value than the cost of any of our services. And through experience, we've discovered that most people that we provide this service to for free are so impressed with us that they ask to become our client.

Please note this isn't a sales pitch. Your creative treatment will be worked on by one of our experienced creative directors. And because of the time and effort involved, we usually charge well over £1,000 for such in-depth creative work. But you'll get it totally free with no obligation of any sort.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our explainer video company now to claim your free creative treatment!

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Best Prices

Best Prices

Bold & Original ideas that match your budget



We can easily meet to discuss your project



We've worked with some of the world's best brands


With us you won't just get a fantastic explainer video. You'll get a lot more.

Unlike most video production agencies, our end goal isn't just to give you a great video. But rather, our mission is to help make sure that your video accomplishes the all important goals that you have set for it. Whether that be to drive more traffic to your website, generate enquires, boost your social media presence or help your sales team close deals quicker and faster. Until you meet your goals...we don't believe our work is done.

So to accomplish this, alongside your explainer video, we'll provide you with your very own custom step by step marketing strategy to get the most out of your explainer video. To start with we'll provide you with the best approach to promote your video across your website, including support in designing high impact landing pages, writing the copy that goes on your site alongside your video and creating thumbnail designs that are proven to work.

We'll also provide you with full support on how to promote your explainer video across your social media channels and how to measure its success on every individual platform.

And if that's not enough, we'll even provide you with support on promoting your video across your paid advertising channels, whether that be Google Ad words, YouTube or Facebook advertising.

And the very best part...we'll provide you with all this additional marketing support completely FREE....making sure your explainer video gets the results you need!

Top 7 Animation Styles For Your Explainer Video

Top 7 Animation Styles For Your Explainer Video
Top 7 Animation Styles For Your Explainer Video

Frequently Asked Questions

An explainer video is simply a video which concisely explains anything about your business, product, or service. The video should eliminate any confusion your audience has over the subject matter and encourage them to take action.

Explainer videos can be deployed across most mediums on the internet and come in many forms. Short Ads that capture your audience's attention, Product Demo videos or Screencasts walking through your product or software, Character-Driven stories, Presenter-Led Piece to Cameras or even short Social Media Clips.

Knowing what style or format is right for you takes a wise team of creatives and strategists. And that's where our explainer video company comes in.

To find out the full process of creating an explainer video, including market research and how to write your script, watch our ultimate guide in the video to your right.

Or, Contact our explainer video company in London today to find out how we can help.

A video typically costs between £1,500 and £5,000 but can depend on a number of factors including: Style, Duration, Production costs, and Usage. To get your quote, drop our explainer video company in London a line on +44 208 891 2077 or fill in our contact form.

Our explainer video company specialises in coming up with great ideas that match your budget. That means you can have a high-performing video without breaking the bank. We have a proven track record of creating successful explainer videos for some of the world's biggest brands, so you can be assured that with us, you're in safe hands. And finally, with our explainer video company in London we're able to meet with you to discuss the project with you.

The most comprehensive studies on the matter have concluded that a significant reduction in viewer attention doesn't take place until the 2-minute mark. So, unless it's absolutely required, we'd suggest always keeping it shorter than this. In our experience, 30 seconds is too short to explain anything adequately, however. The sweet spot usually lies between 30 and 120 seconds

To start working on a concept and script, to determine what duration of video would work for you, please contact our explainer video company on +44 208 891 2077

Typically, we suggest considering 6 weeks for the average explainer video production. This includes time for you to give feedback at each stage, and gives us enough time to allow creative development. However, we can always work toward a tight deadline and have been known to turn around a video in a matter of days! So, if you are working toward an immovable date, just let us know and we can see what we can do!

Find out our estimation for your scope of work, by contacting our explainer video company in London via our contact form or on +44 208 891 2077

On this page you will find our short video on the top 7 animation styles for explainer videos. However it's worth considering other options. Here are some of our explainer video company's favourite styles:

Live action

Although it is quite common to have an animated explainer video, it's not the only option. In fact, there have been some fantastic examples of live action explainer videos.

Live action explainer videos are videos that are recorded in real life, as opposed to being created through illustrations. These can either be scripted, storyboarded and filmed on location or could make use of stock footage.

Live action explainer videos are a great option as it gives you an option to show your team or product in real life. Audience's find themselves listening and paying more attention to those who look like them, so a real human face is always a great place to start.

Whether that's a presenter talking to camera, a story acted out by actors, or a series of clips with voiceovers, live action gives a great deal of creative freedom in the scriptwriting process.

Just drop our explainer video company a line to find out what can be achieved with live action video, and if you want to be shooting your video on a particular location it's worth noting that we're an explainer video company in London.

2D Character Animation

A 2D explainer video is by far the most popular style of explainer video. If you haven't yet come across a 2D explainer video…where have you been?

They're great for providing a highly engaging story that follows a protagonist facing a problem that only your product or service can solve.

Quite often they are light-hearted and humorous, providing a friendly and relatable account of your typical customer's struggle.

Why do these work so well? Well, storytelling is vital technique for presenting your product or service. A well crafted story builds an emotional connection with its audience, building a deeper and lasting connection between customers and your brand.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard explainer videos are a style of video that explains a product or service by telling a story via an illustrator's hand drawing on a white background.

Whiteboards are one of the most popular style of animation used for complex subject matters because they offer a much easier method of learning. In fact, our favourite neuroscientist Dr Richard Wiseman ran a comprehensive study to find out exactly how effective whiteboard explainer videos are.

The results?

He found that when compared to a standard talking head video, there was a whopping 15% increase in memory recall with over 92% of the viewers being able to retain the facts.

So if you want to teach your audience something that you have struggled with in the past, a whiteboard video could well be your answer!

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

2D Motion Graphics explainer videos are animated videos similar to the 2D character animation, but instead of having a character lead the story we use dynamic text, data and iconography.

Motion graphics are an excellent way of conveying key findings of a study, or getting information across in an easy and fun way. Think of this style as an animated infographic video.

Screencast Explainer Video

Our final most popular style is Screencast explainer videos, also known as walkthroughs. These videos show how your audience member will use a website or software through an animated screenshare.

These are great as demo explainer videos, or onboarding videos.

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