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If you’re looking for a video marketing agency with a proven track record and affordable pricing….then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Here’s what you need to know when searching for the right video marketing company to partner with: when it comes to video marketing…most agencies get it all wrong, as they’ll place most of their focus on producing ‘nice’ looking videos for you.

Pretty looking videos are great (we don’t have anything against them per se), but if they don’t convert into actual hard cash, it doesn’t matter how good they look. In contrast, what we ultimately here at Spiel care about is how much revenue and profit that we can drive for your business through our video marketing campaigns.

But how do you know that we’ll be able to deliver for you?

To start with…we’ve got a solid track record of delivering video marketing campaigns for some of the best know brands….where we’ve generated excellent return on investments for them. And we’ve got the client case studies to back this!

We’re also conveniently located in London and capable of producing all styles of videos for you… whether it be live action, animation, interactive or virtual reality experiences!

What’s more…with our highly competitive and affordable pricing structure….you’ll get real value for your money with us.

And as 2020 wasn’t the best of years for most businesses….to go that real extra mile….we’re offering a further huge 25% discount to you on your first video marketing project.

So are we talking you’re language? Then get in touch with our video marketing agency in London now to get moving!


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Some of Our Clients

  • Marks & Spencer
  • London Underground
  • Specsavers
  • Ebay
  • HSBC
  • EY
  • The Guardian
  • Tesco
  • Natural History Musem
  • boiler-room
  • pfizer
  • aa
  • nhs
  • cemex
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • kent-county-council
  • Berkeley Group
  • Havas
  • Cass Business School
  • deloitte
“Working with Spiel was fun, we particularly loved their big, bold ideas – crafting characters with personality and stories with humour and emotion” Ian Mottashed, VP Marketing - Imagen
“Working with Spiel was excellent - we couldn't have asked for a better partner!” Melinda Spence, e-commerce - Pepsico
“Working with Spiel was a pleasure from the start. What they produced was high quality at a fantastic price!” Simon McQueen, Director - Bright Heart


25% OFF ON Video Production

Is your video marketing budget a bit squeezed? We all know that 2020 wasn’t the best year for most businesses so if your marketing budget has been cut….we get it!

But that shouldn’t mean your video marketing should suffer in 2021. So, to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help you get going….we’ve decided to give you a massive 25% discount on your first video marketing campaign!

Excited? Well….what you’re really going to love about our offer is that it comes on top of our already highly attractive pricing structure. So you’ll get great quality work at affordable prices…meaning with us you’re guaranteed value for your money!

But remember, our goal isn’t just to provide you with great pricing, but to make sure we deliver the very best quality video campaigns for you….which leave your competition in the dust!

So if you’re serious about taking your video marketing to the next level…then get in touch with video marketing agency now!

Listen to some of our happy clients

Robert Faulkner

Robert Faulkner
Managing Director

Five Star

"Creating an animation for marketing purposes is a tricky process. Spiel made the whole process clear, came up with some great ideas and maintained their cool with my many requests for changes. I have no hesitation in recommending their team if you're looking for a skilled team who will proactively take the lead to get the job done."

Alison Hall

Alison Hall
Communications Manager

Process Flows
Five Star

"From the start, I found Spiel very professional and easy to work with. The idea was to simply help explain what Process Flows do, as often clients don't really understand or don't feel our service is relevant to their business. We have received excellent feedback on the video from both our sales team and clients. We will definitely be using Spiel for our next videos."

Andrew Wilshere

Andrew Wilshere
Research Manager

Five Star

"Spiel asked us very perceptive questions about our aspirations for the project from the outset and gave helpful guidance at every stage of the process. The quality of artwork and motion graphics was very high, and we were particularly impressed with Spiel's ability to work to our demanding deadline. I highly recommend Spiel's services."



In 2021, video marketing is no longer an option….but a necessity. If you don’t take the lead with this….then your competitors eventually will. Meaning your competitors will grow in market share and revenue….whilst you leave money on the table!

Well…this doesn’t have to be the case. As to help you get moving….we’ll give you a custom video marketing strategy….developed by our highly trained team exclusively for your business to put you ahead of your competition. And the best part…we’ll give you your custom video marketing strategy 100% FREE….with no obligation for you to take up any of our services.

So here’s how it will work: we’ll first learn what you want to achieve, then we’ll do a full audit of your business, target audience and current content strategy to explore all the potential opportunities that you can take advantage of. And to make sure we leave no stone unturned, our work will include a detailed analysis of the video marketing strategy of your main competitors so that you are up to speed with their movements.

Using all our research, our team will present you with a custom video marketing strategy for your business, which you can then use as you wish, with no obligation of any sort from us.

But why would we put in all this effort developing a detailed video marketing strategy for you for free…you may be asking?

Well….we realise that the best way to demonstrate our capabilities as a video marketing agency is not to go on raving about how great we are….but rather to demonstrate it to you through the quality of our actual work. And what we’ve discovered is that most people who go through this process with us are so happy…that they ask us to work with them on their video marketing campaign.

So do you want to move ahead with your video marketing risk free? Then get in touch with our video marketing company in London now for your free consultation.


By boosting your traffic, conversions and sales through our proven framework.

Most video marketing agencies do it wrong. They’ll work on producing nice looking videos for your business…which unfortunately, at the end of the day….just leave a burning hole in your wallet. We’ve seen it over and over again. In contrast, we’re a results driven video marketing agency. Every £1 spent with us on video marketing often results in over £5 in pure profit for our clients. Below are the video marketing services that we are renowned for.



We send a steady stream of qualified traffic to your website through video marketing strategies that we have designed specifically for this purpose. Our goal isn’t just to send visitors to your website through video content. But rather, it is to send highly qualified prospects to you that are in ‘hunt mode’. We accomplish this through a careful blend of paid and organic sources….with delivering a high return on your investment being the key end goal.



Traffic on its own is not enough unless it converts into leads and ultimately a measurable increase in sales. We use our unique battle-tested video marketing strategies to give you that all important edge over your competition and turn your visitors into buying customers. It’s common for our proprietary video strategies to double, triple and even quadruple sales for our clients through dramatically boosting their conversion rates.




Retargeting is a crucial but often ignored component of video marketing. Not all of your prospects will convert into customers instantly. A significant proportion of them will need to be exposed to your brand and offering multiple times before they decide to make that all important purchase. And we’ve got a proven track record of succeeding at exactly this using numerous video marketing strategies such as ‘hub’ content and retargeting adds.



We understand that you are busy and so your video marketing needs to be as smooth and efficient as possible. That’s why, alongside working like a well oiled sales machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week generating revenue for you….we’ll make sure that your that video marketing funnels require minimal effort from your end to maintain. And from our end, we’ll work relentlessly at optimising your video campaigns until they’re generating a superb ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my video marketing campaign cost?

This will depend on what your video campaign involves. All of our campaigns are divided into three components, video strategy, video production and video activation. The cost of your campaign will depend on the extent of work required for each component. For example, in the production stage the price will depend on the number and types of videos that you require. But generally, most of our video marketing campaigns start from £4,000 upwards.

Why should i choose spiel for my video marketing?

We specialise in delivering video marketing campaigns that deliver an exceptional return on investment. Meaning we'll work relentlessly to make sure that your video marketing campaign makes you money. Through years of experience we've developed a unique, fool proof approach to video marketing that's geared to make sure you get the best results possible. And we've got the track record to back it. So get in touch with our video agency today!

Which styles of videos can you produce for me?

Whichever styles of videos that you require for your video marketing...we can deliver. Our expert team are skilled in all styles of video including live action, animation, stop motion, interactive, 360 degree and virtual reality.

Where is your video marketing agency located?

Our video marketing company is conveniently located in Wandsworth, South West London, just a few minutes' walk from the underground station. However we regularly work with clients all over the UK, so travel isn't an issue.

Any chance of a discount on my video campaign?

We appreciate that 2020 wasn't the best of years from most businesses...and as a consequence the budget for your video marketing campaign may have been squeezed. That's why, to go the extra mile, we'll give you a massive 25% discount on your first video marketing campaign. So let's speak!

Can i come visit your video marketing agency?

Yes, you're more than welcome to visit our studios in London and meet the expert team that will be working directly on your video campaign. This includes the strategic, creative and production team. Don't worry...we're a friendly bunch and love nothing more than talking video marketing. So get in touch!


We know your video marketing is important. And that putting the brakes on it won't help your business grow. But at the same time, we also take your safety very seriously here at Spiel. So alongside adhering to the latest government guidelines which allow for filming, we are also carefully following the industry guidelines designed to limit the spread of Covid-19. But that's not we have added further measures to go the extra mile in ensuring your safety.

Our procedures include daily temperature checks for all crew members, creating zonal spaces to minimise contact between teams, regular sanitisation and using the necessary PPE. And on every shoot, we assign a designated covid-19 compliance offer to ensure all protocols are adhered to without fail.


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