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Then here’s what you need to know….

‘Price and Quality can vary HUGELY between studios’

What this means is that you can either easily end up over-paying for your project or end up with a video which doesn’t meet your expectations!

So how can you avoid these pitfalls?

Well firstly…..you should look for a company with a proven track record.

And secondly…you should make sure the price you get is great value for money but also realistic.

Here at Spiel, we’ve created 2D animations for some of the very best brands and are on a mission to provide you with the best prices.

Not only this, with our studio conveniently based in London, you’re more than welcome to meet with us.

So, if you’re looking for a quick, no-obligation quote…then get in touch with us now!


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Some of Our Clients

  • Marks & Spencer
  • London Underground
  • Specsavers
  • Ebay
  • HSBC
  • EY
  • The Guardian
  • Tesco
  • Natural History Musem
  • boiler-room
  • pfizer
  • aa
  • nhs
  • cemex
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • kent-county-council
  • Berkeley Group
  • Havas
  • Cass Business School
  • deloitte

Work Examples

Cass Business School
Kent County Council

Why Choose Us?

Best Prices

Best Prices

Bold & Original ideas that match your budget



We can easily meet to discuss your project



We've worked with some of the world's best brands

“Working with Spiel was fun, we particularly loved their big, bold ideas – crafting characters with personality and stories with humour and emotion” Ian Mottashed, VP Marketing - Imagen
“Working with Spiel was excellent - we couldn't have asked for a better partner!” Melinda Spence, e-commerce - Pepsico
“Working with Spiel was a pleasure from the start. What they produced was high quality at a fantastic price!” Simon McQueen, Director - Bright Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

2D Animations are flat 2-dimensional illustrations manipulated to create movement. The term itself is broad, applying to any animation that is created within a 2 dimensional space, whether that's motion graphics, character animation, or frame by frame.

Traditional animation, or frame by frame animation, is created by drawing hundreds of images with micro movements changing on each image. This is a much longer production process, and is typically reserved for huge-budget films and television shows.

However, 2D animation can also be created through programs such as after effects, where movement is computer generated by only moving certain assets of the frame. This makes producing much more scalable, and has led to the raise in 2D animated business videos.

2D animation videos, give a much larger scope of possibilities when compared to standard live-action videos. Through the use of animation, you can create scenes which are impossible to create in real life, with the added benefit that the animated videos don't tend to age in the same way that live action videos do (just watch a live action video from just a few years ago and the difference is stark!)

Our 2D animation company in london has had experience producing a wide variety of different 2D animations, which can be viewed on our work page. You can even visit our 2D animation studio in London to meet with us to see what design would suit your branding.

Our 2D animation Studio in London specialises in coming up with great ideas that match your budget. This means that you can be assured that you will still get a high quality animation, but without breaking the bank!

Our 2D animation company in London typically offers budgets starting at £1,400 and upwards to £5,000 depending on the complexity, duration and brief.

So if you're looking for a 2D animation company that has a proven track record of producing explosive content without bursting your budget, get int touch with our 2D animation studio on +44 208 891 2077.

Our 2D animation company has a proven track record in providing high quality 2D animation videos that engage audiences and inspire action. We specialise in coming up with great ideas that match your budget, which means you can have a high-performing video without breaking the bank.

This 2D animation studio has worked with some of the world's best brands, so you can be assured that with us, you're in safe hands.

If you have a tight deadline and need things to be pushed through fast, no problem. Our 2D animation company can get a video delivered to you within a matter of days.

And finally, we're a 2D animation company in London, so we're able to meet with you to discuss the project with you.

2D animation videos come in many formats for different business uses. The most common uses include:

2D animation Explainer Videos
These videos concisely explain anything about your business, product, or service. Typically following a customer's experience or focusing on the problem that a product solves, the video should eliminate any confusion your audience has over the subject matter and encourage them to take action.

Advertising content
2D animation can be a perfect way of advertising your business online or television. With high quality design concepts, animation can provide a different and more artistic approach to branding than live action videos.

Training videos
2D animations help make complex subject matters much easier, and help to tell a story that resonates with your audience. If you wish to inspire and educate, 2D animations can be a great way of doing this.

If you have a video in mind, and think a 2D animation could be the perfect fit, contact our 2D animation company in London by filling out a form or calling +44 208 891 2077.

Typically, our 2D animation studio suggests considering 6 weeks for the average video production. This includes time for you to give feedback at each stage, and gives us enough time to allow creative development. However, we can always work toward a tight deadline and have been known to turn around a video in a matter of days! So, if you are working toward an immovable date, just let us know and we can see what we can do!

Find out our estimation for your scope of work, by contacting our 2D animation company in London via our contact form or on +44 208 891 2077.

Our 2D animation company starts the process by learning about you and the goals you wish to achieve from the video creation. Is it, for example, to boost your sales? Or perhaps it's to improve your department's net promoter score?

This will help us to understand the action we wish the audience to take from watching the video, or the key takeaways we need for them to remember.

Then, it's important for us to know about the audience – for example, what is their current knowledge, what demographic are they, what language would resonate with them?

This research helps inform our second stage, the script. We craft a script based on the emotional journey that we need to take your audience on, and present all the important key factors in our voiceover. Once voiceover is written and recorded, we can then script out the visual narrative.

This is done in form of our storyboard, the third stage of the production. In this storyboard we will provide visual metaphors that will help stimulate the audience's brain and better retain the facts through visual associations.

Finally, we illustrate this in Adobe Illustrator, adding splashes of colour, backgrounds and some facial expressions that help the audience to emotionally click with the narrative.

Once done, we then animate the video by adding movement to characters, facial expressions moving and some camera zooms, pans and tilts.

Then it's just down to adding an inspiring music track and sound effects, and viola! Your very own 2D animation.

If you want to learn more, why not call our 2D animation company in London to discuss further? You can either fill in our contact form or call us on +44 208 891 2077

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