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If visual depth and a higher level of detail is required to effectively get your message across, then a 3D animation may be the best fit for your needs. 3D animation can offer tremendous flexibility and deliver stunning visual effects which makes it an excellent option for character led animations and in instances where more linear styles won’t be sufficient to comprehensively communicate your story or explain your product. On average, when compared with 2D animation, due to the higher level of complexity and more extensive hours of work involved, 3D animation tends to require higher budgets. However, the higher production values should consequently yield an end product which appears more polished and visually appealing. 3D animation can also be combined with 2D animation and live film to deliver a more refined and interesting final product.

Our work has included producing 3D commercials and CGI character animations. So whatever your brief, get in touch with our animation studio in London today to see how we can help you meet your specific goals.

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