HSBC wanted a campaign that could change their staff’s minds about the new system. Despite problems with their existing process, employees were still apprehensive about the change.



The campaign started with a series of whiteboard animations aimed at the Procurement department, clearly demonstrating how the system works and why it was being implemented. Once the Procurement division were onboard, the next step was to get the entire bank onboard.

We created a series of character-led animated videos to help communicate the bank’s vision for the future, increase engagement from across the bank and reassure that the new system was going to benefit employees.

To do this we created a story from the perspective of the employee, exploring their negative experiences with the current buying model. By instantly engaging the viewer to empathise with the lead character, the audience were more receptive to hearing how the new system would fundamentally improve their buying process and business relationships.



The project led to a significant change in outlook across the bank and a deeper understanding of the new system’s benefits.

Richard Thorn, Communications Manager at HSBC, said:

“Spiel consistently met tight deadlines and were always proactive in their approach. They engaged with the project with great enthusiasm and managed all the many resources very effectively to ensure timely delivery of an outstanding finished product.”

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