The Natural History Museum approached our animation studio in need of an inspiring animation that would promote their newest exhibition – One Million Years of the Human Story. The exhibition’s content is of course interesting and stimulating, and our client wanted a video that would provoke interest as well as create anticipation.Since learned liberals were the key targetaudience of this video and exhibition, The Natural History Museum required a video that would resonate with this group and encourage sharing of the video in social media. The objective of the video was to encourage sales by appealing to the key target group and effectively presenting the exhibition to a wide audience online. The Natural History Museum is already a highly popular visitor attraction, so the purpose of the video was to focus specifically on promoting the new exhibition. This new display about Neanderthals goes beyond traditional museum exhibits about prehistory. It links human culture with the natural environment they existed in, and tells a story that connects us with our ancient relatives. This is something we aimed to make clear and intriguing in the animated marketing video, so that it would engage people on The Natural History Museum website, social media, YouTube, and be shared across other websites.


Having been presented with a brief of the new exhibition, the target audience and desired results from the animation, we began creating ideas for the video. Our team composed an appealing and informative concept that would resonate with viewers and introduce them to the display. A simple whiteboard animation style was chosen for the video, as this provided an ideal mix of simple and supportive visual stimulation with an inspiring story. The animation comparesa day in the life of modern man with that of Neanderthals, thus aiming toprovide viewers with an emotional connection to our distant relatives. They can then reflect on differences and similarities, and are likely to remember the video and the exhibition. This thought-provoking content and association is likely to inspire interest in visiting the exhibition and in sharing the video.

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