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One Sure Insurance approached our studio in need of a captivating animated video to advertise their Spitfire Insurance brand. They wanted a short video that could be used on their website as well as in a TV advertisement. The client explained that they would like the concept and artwork for the animation to be based on existing branding. A character was provided by them and we worked with this to develop an engaging story for the video, in which key messages would be communicated.

The purpose of the video was to raise awareness of the Spitfire Insurance brand and to draw viewers into learning more about what it offers. The animation needed to explain that the company website provides a comparison of insurance firms without the hidden small print and with better after sales service than its competitors. It should also highlight Spitfire Insurance’s objective to combat overpriced insurance and find the best deals for consumers.


With the concept and artwork in mind, and with a thorough understanding of the brand’s offering and audience, our writers proceeded with putting together a script. This was built around a theme of the Battle of Britain, using an animated character of a war veteran who has now moved from fighting against the Luftwaffe to fighting against a current threat – overpriced insurance and comparison sites that offer bad service.

The voiceover for the video fits with the image of the main character and explains that Spitfire Insurance fights against this threat to consumers by comparing insurance prices whilst providing a personalised service. All throughout the video, viewers are drawn in by the energetic voiceover, a likeable looking character, as well as bright and exciting artwork.

Our illustrators worked with the existing branding for Spitfire Insurance to create a 30-second 2D motion graphics story that would keep viewers engaged. Spitfires are whizzing through the skies, and there’s even a hint of the brand’s competitors in the clouds. Then there’s the sweet Spitfire named Winston with his high-pitched voice who adds humour to the video. The overall tone of the video is light-hearted as desired, communicating a strong message that the brand is “battling to get the best deal for Britain”. It’s an engaging advert that keeps the audience watching to the end and is very memorable too.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Television Advertising

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