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Streetwise Animated Video


Streetwise wanted to promote its maps in a new and innovative way, so they came to us for assistance. The client’s target audience is architects who have a variety of map options available to them. Streetwise wanted a humorous video that would raise awareness of their maps service whilst explaining its benefits against competitors. They wanted the audience to be able to relate to the concept used for the video while being visually engaged by fun animations.


Our team started off by coming up with several concept ideas that would captivate the key audience and keep them watching to the end. After discussing these with the client, we came to a mutual decision and went on to develop a script for this. The beginning of the video immediately intrigues viewers as it resembles the start of a David Attenborough wildlife programme, making an analogy between the business world and a jungle. The voiceover starts off with an Attenborough-esque voice, which is familiar to viewers, introducing the video with the words: “In the ruthless struggle for survival in the business jungle…”. Already, there’s a feeling of suspense for what comes next.

Our story then went on to explain the importance of having things that are quick, cheap and good, which are key principles of the Streetwise product. To explain this, we decided to directly relate to architects with a fun 2D motion graphics cartoon that appreciates that buildings are not acceptable enough if they don’t have all three of these qualities. We used simple drawings to illustrate this, along with funny animated characters, as this made it fun without being overwhelming. The story then goes on to explain that provides all three of these qualities with its online maps. During the explanation that Streetwise offers all the competition offers but at a lower price, there is a random snake and Tarzan swinging across the screen to liven things up.

All the while, there’s calming music in the background, which keeps viewers relaxed while they watch the video. Overall, the video has a very positive vibe along with an informative and fun story that tells architects all the key pointers about Streetwise and how they can find out more.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Background Music
  • Professional Voiceover

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