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The Private Office (TPO)


TPO approached us with the desire to explain to potential customers how their advice process works, in a simple yet intriguing way. The bespoke financial management service can at first seem complex to consumers, so TPO wanted us to make the information more accessible and appealing. The aim was to explain the service in a step-by-step fashion that exudes authority and demonstrates a competitive edge.


We started out by considering the core value of many consumers who are seeking financial advice or management - and that is family. We therefore chose a happy couple at home, with a family photo in the background, as a start to the story. Throughout this familiar story, relaxing music helps to make the learning experience enjoyable, while a confident voiceover provides the air of trust and authority that is valued when dealing with financial matters. The company’s awards are highlighted to add to credibility. Trust, familiarity and reassurance come into play throughout the video, and build the backbone of the company’s competitive offering, which is a face-to-face, bespoke and independent service. We created simple and smart images that help to explain the concept but do not overwhelm the viewer.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Professional Voice Over & Script
  • Concept Creation
  • Video Marketing

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