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Guardian Stop Motion Animation


Président cheese wanted a series of vibrant and summery stop motion videos to explain recipes for their products. The challenge was to produce something with a fresh and rustic aesthetic, that was in keeping with the Président brand. The videos were released by Guardian Labs online as paid for content.


We worked together with a highly-experience stop motion artist, to work through the recipes and give each a distinctive characteristic. The aim was to ensure that the food was never touched on camera, creating the effect that the recipe was making itself. The food was moved in geometric patterns and photographed, then the images were sequenced together producing the stop motion technique.

The written instructions for the recipe were overlaid onto the video in post-production, with a chalk text effect. This was used to complement the rustic production design, creating an honest, hand-crafted aesthetic.

Key video features

  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Concept Creation
  • Music & Script
  • Video Marketing

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