Choosing a Whiteboard Animation Company

You have decided to invest in getting a whiteboard animation made for your business and are about to embark on selecting a video production company that can make one for you – just the way you like it.

Regardless of what the size and industry of your business is, you could use a whiteboard animation to:-

  • Launch or promote your products and services; 
  • Educate your staff or students on corporate and academic programmes; 
  • Create video versions of your whitepapers; 
  • Simply explain something that needs to be communicated in ways that are engaging to give something that adds value 

When it comes to selecting a whiteboard animation production company, there are several factors which you could consider before you actually hire one.

Here’s what we think would help you with this (often daunting) process.

The Website

Does the website enable easy navigation? Do the tabs, buttons, hyperlinks work properly?

Does the language used come across as dull and vacuous, or does it engage and intrigue you?

Does the company have a steady amount of fans and followers in their online community that exists on various social media platforms?

Does the company come across as being interactive with their online community?

Does the company invite you, the visitor, to join their online community or to interact with them in some way?

Does their website have a corporate blog? If so, how relevant and frequent are their posts?

Does the owner or managing director contribute to the corporate blog? What are their posts like?

Does the website evoke creativity, inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm?

The Overall Image

You would probably get a fair idea of what the overall image of the video production company is like in your initial exchanges.

Do the staff have telephone manner that is professional, genuine and enthusiastic?

Are all your queries answered satisfactorily? If not, are steps taken to ensure that your queries are resolved? How long does that take?

Does the video production company offer to send you a proposal or a choice of potential ways by which your whiteboard animation could be made?

Does the information given on their website synchronise with the information they give you over the telephone or in an initial meeting?

When it comes to discussing budgets and pricing do they come across as pushy, or indecisive, or confident and justified?

Do they listen to you? Do they ask relevant questions about your business and your preferences for the whiteboard video? Do they ask to see your website, for instance?

The Portfolio

Does the video production company have a credible portfolio of work? Is it on display on their website, for (potentially) the world to see, or do you get access to it when you request to see it?

Does their portfolio cover whiteboard animation? Does it have a wide range of great videos or a select few that wow you?

Are there any examples of whiteboard animation that tally with what you have in mind for your own business?

While going through their portfolio, if you find a video clipping that you like the look of, be sure to make a note of it so that you could refer to it when you talk to the whiteboard animation company.

It would certainly help them in gauging what you would like your whiteboard animation to come across as.

You may wish to have this list of factors in front of you while you go about browsing the various whiteboard animation production companies out there.

We hope this will help you narrow your focus so as to hire a whiteboard animation company that understands and delivers your requirements. 

Does the company have genuine testimonials which they are happy to allow you to verify?

Whether you see them in the form of ratings, reviews, endorsements, recommendations or testimonials, can you find these easily about the whiteboard animation company?

How satisfied and confident do the clients who have hired this particular whiteboard animation company seem from their testimonials?

If you would like to verify the credibility of these testimonials by contacting the clients yourself, does the whiteboard animation production company seem willing or not?

This is because a genuine company would be happy to even supply the contact details of the clients to you.