How Whiteboard Animations Help Sales

Known by industry insiders as ‘silent sellers’, a whiteboard animation continually delivers your sales pitch every time the ‘PLAY’ button is pressed.

As your whiteboard animation would be specifically designed to attract and engage your target audience, you are much likely to get more genuine people to visit your website because of it.

So, without further ado, here are four ways in which whiteboard animations help increase sales...

Whiteboard animations make your sales presentations impressive and memorable.

You are at that all-important sales meeting and you are delivering your pitch.

At the end of the pitch, your potential client asks you a whole host of questions, some to which you do not the answers or need to double check with your boss. 

You become nervous and apprehend that you might lose the deal.

This is where a well-scripted and intelligently-created whiteboard animation can come and help you and your sales team.

After you have delivered your pitch, you could simply play the whiteboard animation that addresses all the key questions that your target client may have. 

This will give you some time to take a breather, focus on what you are to say once the whiteboard animation ends and deliver a smooth finish to your sales pitch.

Whiteboard animations help your sales team understand the products and services that they are to sell.

You could make a whiteboard animation that specifically explains what your next range of products, or any new changes or offers that are made to the services you deliver are.

You could make the most of the communicative abilities that a great whiteboard animation has by incorporating hand-drawn text, images and a voiceover narration.

Using these, you could convey core points, such as USPs (i.e. Unique Selling Points) of products and services, prices, availability options and buying options that your sales team can tell their customers about. 

It can save you time and energy in having to verbally repeat this information yourself, because all you would have to do is press the ‘PLAY’ button and let your whiteboard animation do the explaining and demonstrating. 

Whiteboard animations help boost web conversion rates and ROI figures

When an internet user reads text from a static web page, several processes happen:-

Read > Derive meaning from text > Think about meaning derived > Make a buying decision.

Whereas, when we watch a video, only two steps are involved:-

Watch + Emotionally Connect with video > Make a buying decision.

You can engage your audiences more effectively with a whiteboard animation so much so that they can connect on an emotional level with what they see.

This can speed up the time your audience takes to convert to your desired business goal.

Whether your goal is to drive up sales figures or rake in more genuine web traffic, a whiteboard animation can help you meet these.

Whiteboard animations help spark more interest from your online communities on social media platforms

For similar reasons, as mentioned above, whiteboard animations can become a topic of conversation and interaction on social media platforms.

Your online communities would not only be entertained but also engage with the whiteboard animations so much so that they share these with their contacts as well as taking more interest (and even making purchases) in what your business has on offer.