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We are a story-driven animation studio based in London. We have produced over 200 whiteboard animations for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your industry, from Fortune 500 to new start-up, we have created story-led whiteboard projects with a proven ROI.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

What styles of whiteboard animations can you produce?

Whiteboard animations can be produced in a number of ways, from traditionally hand-drawn on a single canvas, to digitally produced and animated with full colour. These will produce a variety of effects, depending on your requirements. At Spiel we can produce any style of animation you require, taking care to evaluate your needs and create the most effective video for you.

Why should I choose Spiel as my creative agency?

We are a story-driven animation studio comprised of veteran producers and directors with a broad portfolio of experience. We have produced over 200 whiteboard animations for companies of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your industry, from Fortune 500 to new start-up, we have created story-led whiteboard projects with a proven ROI.

How long does it take to produce an animation?

Depending on the animation style and the complexity of the work involved, it normally takes from 3 to 8 weeks to deliver a high-quality animation that you are completely happy with.

How much does it cost?

An animation can start from as little as £4,500, depending on the length of script, style of artwork and complexity of animation.

What do I need to do to get started?

All you need to do is get in contact and fill out a short brief for us. We are a full-service animation studio, providing you with creative experts at every stage of the process, from scriptwriting to voiceover to final animation. But we always begin with a detailed needs analysis, working with you to understand the goals of your project, and then craft a bespoke video to achieve these.

What happens after the animation?

We’re more than just video producers, we’re experienced video marketers. As part of our service, we include digital marketing consultation to help you get the best ROI from your video. From video length, to webpage optimisation, to tracking and analysing viewer metrics, all of our work is based on the latest insights in video marketing and viewer engagement. We want to make your final animation compelling, memorable, and effective.

What next?

Give our studio a call on 020 8891 2077 or email us and a member of our team will get in touch with you to discuss your specific goals and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

Experience and Quality

Experience and Quality

We have produced animations with companies of all shapes and sizes. Our creatives and producers always strive for professional quality. We want a video that you can be proud of!

Original Bespoke Artwork

Original Bespoke Artwork

All our videos are designed and hand-drawn with original artwork. We work with you to create art design and illustration unique to your brand and effective for your project.

Video Marketing Experts

Video Marketing Experts

All our work is based on the latest insights into viewer engagement. As part of our service, we offer analysis of viewer metrics and optimisation to ensure you get the most from your video.

Exciting Scriptwriting

Exciting Scriptwriting

Killer scriptwriting is the foundation of all successful videos. Our professional scriptwriters combine engaging storytelling with commercial insight to make your video memorable and effective. We write to win hearts and minds and keep your audience hooked.

More About Whiteboard Animation

The whiteboard style is a perfect medium for making complex messages simple and memorable. Research has shown that whiteboard animations can significantly improve memory recall in viewers compared to simple talking head videos. Whether your message is educational, corporate, or just an introduction to your business, whiteboards are a highly effective communication tool.

The first widely successful whiteboard video was produced by UPS in 2007. This series of simple 30-second-long explainer videos were produced as television spots. UPS invested $35 million to create nine live action television advertisements, featuring an actor physically drawing on a whiteboard. The series was a huge hit, driving sales and boosting brand awareness.

The success of the style was built on the popularity of video hosting site, YouTube. In 2009, a small Seattle company made a 2-minute explainer video. Dropbox produced a simple cut-out style animation, with a whiteboard background, to launch their company. Dropbox’s video generated thousands of new sign-ups in the months after the release of the video. Their success launched a new wave of whiteboard videos for start-up companies.

As YouTube’s popularity increased, growing to become one of the most visited websites in the world, the number of whiteboard's has increased. The style exploded in popularity in 2011, thanks to the work of one particular organization. The RSA began producing whiteboard animations for longform academic content. The animation of Andrew Park added text and visual cues to the videos, building pictorial explanations through caricatures and diagrams eventually culminating in a single canvas. The animated lecture series amassed 46 million views on YouTube. In little over a year, the success of these videos led RSA to become the #1 non-profit channel on YouTube.

Now, companies of all sizes turn to this style of animation for their online marketing. And often as not, they come to us! To craft your idea into a memorable, engaging story, we employ only the best creatives that London has to offer. With super-fast, diligent producers, bookish screenwriters, visionary artists, and animation directors, we come together to combine creativity and expertise into one happy company.

If you have an idea for a video, why not get in touch with us today?

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