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Baker Hughes Animation


Baker Hughes approached our studio with the desire to produce an animated recruitment tool. This was to resonate with potential applicants and connect with them on an emotional level. The clients wanted the video to communicate the sense of purpose that could be achieved through building a career at Baker Hughes. Since Baker Hughes is a successful player in the oil and gas industry, the message was to convey the importance of energy in everyday life, and to highlight the diverse and rewarding career opportunities that are available at Baker Hughes.

The client wanted the video to strongly relate to viewers, whilst expressing the many ways they could get involved with revolutionising the energy industry by working at Baker Hughes.


We had a detailed message to share, so to convey this in a clear way, the style chosen was whiteboard video with 2D animation. The use of vibrant colours and a mixture of techniques would spice up the message and help to retain viewers.

With the information and objective provided by our client, we conceptualised a story with an informative script that would resonate with viewers. The concept expresses the importance of energy, and emphasises that the people and innovative technologies at Baker Hughes are working to revolutionise the industry as well as ensure electricity is provided to those who are still without access.

The inspiring information and animated concept motivates potential applicants in a number of ways. It expresses how rewarding any position at Baker Hughes can be on many levels, leading to an enjoyable and fulfilling career.

This motivating video keeps viewers engaged with the aid of a professional narrative that highlights the benefits of a career at Baker Hughes, and retains potential applicants to the end. Attractive images that illustrate the script also help to make an emotional connection with viewers, as desired by our client. Animations of teams working together on inspiring and revolutionary projects – whether in the office or out on the field – help to draw viewers in so that they see the positives of working for Baker Hughes.Video scribing is used throughout the animated video to guide the audience through the different assets the company has to offer, whist providing added visual appeal. Some text is also sometimes used to hone in on certain points to provided further variety. Overall, the video is visually appealing and presents Baker Hughes in an appealing and inspiring way.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Whiteboard Video
  • Professional Narrative
  • Video Marketing

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