The Top 5 YouTube Tools That Will Boost Your Channel

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Welcome to our video on the Top 5 YouTube Tools that you need to boost the performance of your videos and channel as a whole.

Whether you are new or familiar with YouTube, these YouTube analytics tools will maximise your channel’s success and make the process a lot easier.

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Let’s dig in:

First up…

YouTube Creator Studio

We couldn’t start discussing the best YouTube tools out there by not starting with YouTube’s very own Creator Studio. It has a whole host of great features to monitor and grow your YouTube channel.

Here are some of the things we love about it:


A detailed look at your channels stats, which update in real time.

Amongst numerous other metrics, you can see in real time whether you are gaining or losing subscribers, the average watch time of your videos, their impressions, their click through rates and your audience retention levels.

Traffic Source Reports.

YouTube offers traffic source reports where you can see how your audience are engaging with your videos.

This includes the location of your audience and what search terms your viewers used to find your video.

In addition to this, you can filter your traffic source reports to show you only specific types of traffic.

For example, you can choose to look at traffic from only your subscribers, or only your non-subscribers. This is a great way to segment your audience, and understand which areas you need to improve upon.

Next up…


Tubebuddy is our favourite YouTube analytics tool besides YouTube’s own Creator Studio. It’s a free Google Chrome extension with an incredible range of features on offer.

Let’s dig in to some of their awesome features:

Keyword explorer.

One of TubeBuddy’s best featueres is its Keyword Explorer tool which gives you a keyword score to help you decide whether it is worth targeting a specific keyword or not. Their score is based on factors such as the search volume of the keyword and how competitive it is to rank for.

In addition, Keyword explorer also suggests tags to help your videos rank better.
On top of this, it also shows you related search queries for your keywords to give you more keyword targeting and content ideas.

And all of this is present in just one window.


This amazing feature lets you see the analytics for any video on YouTube, telling you how it ranks  and why it ranks this way.

For example, Videolytics’ ‘Best Practice’ section highlights what the video is doing well in terms of thumbnail, info cards, social shares and more.

Thumbnail A/B Testing.

This feature means you can try out two different thumbnails and monitor which one does better in terms of engaging viewers. Over time, you’ll be able to work out what type of design best works for your audience.

Card Templates.

This feature allows you to create different card templates to add to different videos and pick which to apply. This saves uploading individual cards each time and means you can quickly personalise each video.

Canned responses.

TubeBuddy allows you to set up pre-made responses to recurring questions or comments with a drop-down feature, where you can quickly and easily reply by choosing from your pre-made answers.

TubeBuddy has a free version which is a great starting point and will definitely provide you some great insights but if you are genuinely serious about growing your channel and taking advantage of all the different features they have to offer, then we highly suggest you opt for one of their paid options.

On to…


VidIQ is similar to TubeBuddy in a lot of ways, but less extensive. On the whole, we prefer TubeBuddy, but VidIQ has some interesting features and differences that may work better for you.

Keyword Inspector.

This feature allows you to see the popularity of a search term over time. For instance, if you were to put in ‘Christmas Presents’ – there will obviously be a time when this is more popular. This tool allows you to see when certain keywords get the optimum results.

Channel Audit.

This tool simply allows you to analyse how well your YouTube channel is doing based on an average of your past 30 days, super helpful if you want to do monthly reviews.

Plus their handy traffic light colour-coded system tells you which elements are working, which need improvement and which are failing.


One nice element of VidIQ is that it shows you your social stats and shares alongside your YouTube stats.
If social media platforms are very important to you, then this can be a great feature.

VidIQ’s basic plan is for free but if you want to take advantage of a more comprehensive range of features that VidIQ offer, you can opt for one of their monthly paid subscriptions.

Tubular Labs.

Tubular Labs is another great platform if you are interested in more advanced analytics. In particular, it can be a great tool to help form collaborations with other YouTube content creators and influencers.

Lets dig in.

Audience Insights.

Tubular Labs can give you some great insights into your own and your competitors audiences.

One really cool feature of the platform is that it can show you how influential your subscribers are, i.e. how many subscribers each of your subscribers have. Using this information, you can check what type of content your most popular subscribers are creating and then see if there is an opportunity for you to collaborate with them.

Tubular Labs Audience Insights also tells you the people who most frequently comment on your videos. You can use this information to make sure you engage with these people more frequently, especially if they are fans of your content.

Another useful feature of Tubular Labs is what they call ‘Also Watches’. This feature allows you to check what other YouTube channels your subscribers are also watching which can help you better understand your audience’s wider interests and who you are competing with for their attention.

Creator Intelligence. This feature in tubular insights lets you search a keyword and then tells you who the upcoming influencers are in that niche. You can then choose to follow them and track their progress. This is another great way to keep an eye on your competitors and potential people you can contact to form collaborations with.

Video Intelligence.

This feature allows you to make playlists of videos you want to analyse, showing their stats alongside each other, making it super easy to compare and track the analytics of a number of videos.

You can sign up for a free trial of Tubular Labs on their website. It is a paid service with no free options after your free trial expires. They don’t include their price plans on their website, so you will need to speak with their sales team regarding pricing options if you are interested in this.

And we can’t let you go without mentioning this last one.


MorningFame is a really great tool for those new to Youtube. It has no free version – but may be worth investing in if you’re a beginner looking for an easy way to get to grips with YouTube.

It has a great interface that cuts the graphs and jargon to tell you what what’s doing well, what isn’t and what you need to improve upon.

Here are our favorite features:


MorningFame’s Optimise feature allows you to test your titles, tags and descriptions before you post by giving you a ‘Relevancy’ score.
This score analyses your titles, tags and descriptions in terms of their ability to rank well on YouTube, which is a great way to train yourself in these basic elements.


Their stats section is also a really simple way of looking at your channel, which is great if you’re new to YouTube and find the analytics overwhelming.

It tells you what you need to be doing more of, suggesting what areas you need to focus on by comparing your channel with other channels of a similar size and showing you how you can improve upon your competitors.

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