Important Explainer Video Statistics that Can Benefit Businesses

The explainer video is becoming increasingly known as the most influential tactic for increasing conversion rates online, and businesses of all sizes are climbing onto the bandwagon.

Here are some statistics to bear in mind when considering how explainer videos will fit into your marketing plan.

Increasing Engagement Levels


This is how much more likely consumers are to buy a product online after watc hing a video, according to ComScore.

Videos are rapidly increasing in popularity as a replacement for text, which is more often scanned than read properly. A study on consumer behaviour in 2008, by Dr. Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group, found that visitors of a site read 28% of content at most. Research suggests that the more text there is on a page, the less they read.

Explainer videos offer visual and verbal cues for learning, so they reach out to and engage a higher number of people than text.

1.8 Million Words

That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

The mixture of communication types used in explainer videos offers scope to simply and clearly convey your business or product. To compress everything into a short video you will need to include less text, but this is replaced by visuals and graphics.

8 Seconds

This is the average attention span of a viewer, according to The Associated Press, 2012. This is down from 12 seconds in 2000, so it might be deduced that technological development and time spent trawling the barrage of content on the internet has had this effect on us.

Viewers will cease watching a video in 10 seconds or less. 45% of viewers will leave a video after one minute and 60% will click away before 2 minutes is over, according to Visible Measures.

Videos that last 15 seconds or less are shared 37% more often than those that are between 30 seconds and one minute in duration, according to Jun Group.

Video can appeal to a wide range of people and stimulate engagement in your concept. Image courtesy of ssoosay, flickr.

2 minutes

That is how much longer visitors who view video stay on a website, compared with those who don’t view video, as per ComScore results.

Keeping people on your page for longer is good not just for improving the chances of a conversion, but visitor retention is also becoming an increasingly important metric in SEO. This is something that no organisation with online presence is able to ignore.

With studies showing that a video can increase the amount of time a visitor spends on the webpage, this medium way well offer you good ROI.

Evoke emotion with an animated explainer video Image courtesy of pareeerica, flickr.


This is the proportion of executives that prefer to watch video than read text, according to Forbes. It was found that 50% of executives search for additional information after having seen a product or service in a video.

Videos are not only effective in engaging the audience, but they can help to improve brand image and develop a bond of trust between the organisation and the consumer. Using a mixture of imagery, music and language, a well-made video can inspire an emotional response in people and grab their full attention. This might be done through a humorous, animated anecdote or an adventurous, buzzing report.

Use of Explainer Video is Extending


This is how much time visits to internet videos will constitute of all consumer internet traffic in North America in 2016, according to Cisco’s 2011 Visual Networking Index. The figure suggests a massive 25-fold increase from 2011.

With various studies, including that by The Associated Press, indicating that video has overtaken text and is now considered to be the most accepted and modern form of communication, businesses are opting more and more for explainer video. It appears that the trajectory towards Cisco’s prediction is well underway.


An introductory email that includes a video results in this much more click-through to the desired page, according to Implix.

Around half of marketers who use video in email campaigns achieve heightened click-through rates, an increase in time spent on the email, and a boost in sharing and forwarding, according to eMarketer statistics, 2013. Figures suggest that a quarter of marketing professionals include video in email campaigns.


This is how much animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by, according to Unbounce.

Animation can offer colour and originality to your video, and help to hone on any message using eye catching imagery and innovative ideas. The aim might be education, training, explaining your business concept, among other potential uses.

There are a variety of types of animation available, which are useful in diverse ways, for different objectives. Options include 2D, 3D, computer animation and white board animation, all of which can take viewers into an inspiring world that explains your concept or product. The mode adopted might be funny, shocking or exploratory, and electing a character or hero can make all the difference.

Animation can be used to explain and educate in a visually appealing way.


This is how much Dropbox increased conversion rates by after limiting their homepage to a single video. When the company started up, it exploited the valuable tool that is online video and received 750,000 viewings of its video in just one month. The organisation experienced several thousand extra daily sign-ups.

Explainer videos are effective not only in telling consumers about your product, but also retaining them on your page, raising search engine rating, and improving conversion rates, so in may well be highly profitable to look at the variety of ways your business can use them.

If you want to know more about the options available, contact our experienced team and find out what is the best form of animated video for your business.

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