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Tollring came to Spiel for a video that would engagingly provide an overview of their new sales and marketing tool – iC Suite. Recognising that the people who initially see the video are not always those that are targeted, our client needed a video that would be shared throughout large organisations. The video could then reach CFOs and line managers who could benefit from learning about the tool and might choose to adopt it to improve operations.


Tollring provided us with their requirements, which they wanted presented in a simplistic and engaging whiteboard animation. They wanted a web video that would communicate how iC Suite works, in which business areas it fits, and what the benefits of it are.

We began by choosing a concept that provided the information in a step-by-step fashion. A clear and descriptive script was written that recognised the challenges that CFOs and line managers are faced with. Details about the iC Suite tool were then provided as a way to help resolve issues.

This explained that iC Suite takes data from a variety of sources and organises all this in a concise way, which can then be constructively used via an easy-to-use interface. Relevant data is analysed and presented in a clear report that shows areas in which the business is inefficient and haemorrhaging money. Changes can then be made, including better procurement planning, cost control and future strategic management.

By first clarifying why the tool is used, and then going on to provide easy-to-understand detail, the video is one that targeted viewers respect and can really relate to.

Fantastic benefits of the tool were highlighted throughout the video, including how it integrates with other systems and can simplify workload.

Tollring wanted a video that would be shared throughout large organisations with over 100 employees. The simplistic style, engaging voiceover and eye-catching animations lend well to this as all those who watch it can immediately see the benefits it offers. This provides inspiration to keep watching and to share the video with CFOs and line managers who can use the iC Suite tool.

A simple video scribing style was used that would engage viewers throughout the video of just over two minutes in length. The hand in the video guides viewers through the concept by illustrating the description provided by the enthusiastic narrative. Written text helps to provide the message quickly and efficiently.


Testimonial coming soon.

Key video features

  • 2D Animation
  • Video Scribing
  • Professional Voice Over & Script
  • Concept Creation

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